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Hi, I'm Ruth and I have been where you are. I did those sums myself, I lay awake at night too, scared to tell my husband I wanted to leave my stable career and start up my own business. 

Are you harbouring a desire to start a business that will give you the flexibility you need to be the kind of mum that you really want to be?

Has the job that you once loved lost its sparkle since you started a family?

Are you tentatively checking out your options, playing with the figures, and wondering whether your business dream is something that you can REALLY bring into reality –- or if it’s just a nice idea that could never really work?

I had those dreams too. I did those sums. I spent sleepless nights swinging between excitement and fear and talking myself in and out of walking away from my established career and building something of my own, for me and my family.

And I’ve come out the other end with a successful business that gives me the freedom to earn good money, whilst never having to miss nursery pick-up time or choose between my work and my babies.

I can help you do the same. 

I’d always been involved in businesses - organising events, making things, and I even studied business at degree level. But when it came to having my own business, I was stumped. I felt I needed to come up with a brilliant, unique idea to be a success and I didn't have any of those.

I started off working in the city before moving into education and was on the fast track to become a headteacher. So those business dreams were pushed to the back of my mind, and I always told myself that maybe one day, I’d make them happen.


I realised that becoming a Headteacher would mean I’d have little time to be with my family. And that was a sacrifice I didn’t want to make. I was leaving before my daughter woke up and would often have only a snatched hour with her before bed. I secretly felt like a failure as a mum, and a failure in the workplace. I was coasting, and merely getting through the days and weeks.

So when I got pregnant for the second time?

I knew that something had to change.

Some people might say that starting a business when you’re pregnant is a crazy idea, but for me, it was the kick up the bum that I needed. Even if there were times that I did think that they might be right.

I got a coach, and working with her made me admit to myself that she was doing exactly what I wanted to do. That seed that was planted all those years ago, those courses I had done were because this was my passion.

I set up my business whilst pregnant, working full time, and with my toddler in tow. It was bloody hard - I was speaking to clients during weekends and evenings, and initially did everything myself.

I learnt a lot. I learnt what to outsource and how to give myself time every day. I learnt to have really clear boundaries and I learnt that this was my passion and that I was energised by my clients’ success.

Most of all though? I learnt that it’s my mission to help other mums to create their dream businesses and lives, and how privileged I am to be part of their success.


Why work with me?

  • I'm a mum of two young children so I understand balancing work and family 

  • I've successfully transitioned out of full-time employment and built my own business(I now earn more working three days a week than I did working five!) 
  • I've tested my success model opening several thriving businesses 
  • I have a holistic approach to coaching as I have studies Psychology for the last 20 years and have a MA in Psychology and a BA in Psychology & Management Studies. I help you look at what you really want by delving into the processes behind your decision. 
  • I am committed to my personal development, I have numerous coaching qualifications including a Post Graduate certificate in Coaching, Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, Diploma in Small Business Coaching, Diploma in NLP 
  • I have over 6 years coaching experience and have coached across industries plus people at all levels
  • I have coached more than 100 private and small business clients and have more than 1000 coaching hours - I have confidence from experience (and results) 
  • Completed group and online programs from Brendon Burchard, Emily Williams, Marie Forleo and Amy Porterfield - and I will keep on learning to be the best coach I possibly can!


Coaching is a serious commitment and we need to gel on all levels to accomplish our best work! here are a few fun facts about me so we can get to know each other better

I’m a globe-trotter and love travel, I have travelled extensively and  lived in Australia, New York and on a Malaysian island for 6 months. This year we are planning a family trip to California so I can attend Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy and spend some time exploring the state. I have also planned trips to Barcelona, Ibiza, Rome, Amsterdam and Greece. 

I’m a qualified dive master and love nothing more than being in the underwater world, it is so peaceful and magical and I find it really relaxing. 

I have run two marathons. I love yoga, exercise, and meditation - this is how I maintain my sanity as a mother of two young children and owner of a small business. It is through exercise and yoga that I am able to truly focus on myself and I find them both energising. 

I enjoy fashion and am pretty much obsessed with Whistles, I have a bit of a "thing" for their dresses and I probably do have too many! I love Sophia Webster shoes so much my second daughter is called Sophia!

I love unwinding with a glass or two of prosecco with my girlfriends and putting the world to rights. 

At 35 my life completely changed when I met my partner. We had our first daughter a year later, and our second daughter within another two years. We are getting married at the end of May and this will mark a truly remarkable 4 years.

Now I’m ready for entirely new adventures working with you to get you to where you want to be.