Why work / life balance is so important

Work / life balance is one of the most common things that my clients say that they want. They want to work but they don't want this to be at the detriment of everything else. 

The key is balance, having a mixture of different things in your life where you are able to dedicate the time that you want to each one. 

When you become a mum this balance becomes even more important as you have less time and you want to dedicate a lot of your time to your family.

I remember before I had children thinking that I would take my maternity leave and then go back full time (there is no other option in my old job) and this would be fine, I would have the weekends to be with my child and some time in the evenings.

I did go back full time and I found it really hard, I was rushing to nursery 3 days a week to pick up my daughter (who was often the last one there) and by the time the weekend came I was often knackered so we didn't do as much. It didn't work for me.

Lots of my clients are exactly the same. They have good careers but they don't offer them the flexibility that they want so they are constantly juggling work and their family (plus their own interests and often the household) 

I am a huge believer in starting with yourself first, you are the most important person in your life and if you don't spend time on you then it has an impact on everything else in your life. 

I know that self care and working on yourself helps you create a positive mindset and can give you more energy and make you more productive when you are doing different activities. 

I get my clients to look at where they are in all areas of their life and think about where they want to be. This helps them to highlight where they are out of balance and what areas they might be neglecting. 

One of the key things I have learnt is that multi-tasking doesn't work. If you really want to be more productive you need to be mindful when you are working on a task and focus on just that task. This can make working with kids around really hard, I always have scheduled work when the kids aren't there and if on the rare occasions I need to work around them focused on the things that need the least brain power. 

For me work / life balance is very much about slowing down and thinking what is important to you, about being creative in how you approach work and understanding that you can change your destiny. 

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Ruth Kudzi