I work with mums who want to start up their own business to create a more flexible work / life balance. 

I will be by your side to help you start up your dream business and create the life that you desire. 

You want to have a better work / life balance, you want to have more energy and be able to spend time doing what you love. You want to be able to dictate your own working hours and spend quality time with your children, not just snatched moments.

You have always imagined running your own business but you lack the confidence to do it. You have had professional success and are in a mid-senior level role with a good salary. You are worried about finances and security and although you know, deep down, that this could be the perfect solution something is stopping you.

You don't believe that you can have it all and you are so scared of failure that you are not taking the risk.

These decisions are huge. You want to create safety and security for your family but you also want to have a more flexible way of working. Fear is holding you back  and it is stopping you from what you really want to do. 

Our work together goes beyond your career, I will help you develop your confidence and create a positive mindset, to help you feel like you again, and so that you know you can achieve what you want to achieve.  We will look at those nagging voices in your head which might be saying you aren’t good enough or that you will fail and we squash them.

I will support you to develop your self-confidence so you believe that you can achieve your goals and have that dream business that you really want. You will find that all areas of your life will improve as you gain self awareness, build your confidence and develop a positive, success orientated mindset. 

Each session will be tailored to you and your unique situation, we will focus on what you want to change and I will help you find solutions to your problems. Our sessions are centred around results.

Previous clients have set up their businesses in a matter of weeks but it is what works for you. I know the challenges that you could face starting up on your own and will be available to you throughout the process to ensure that you are successful and supported. 

"Working with Ruth has transformed how I feel about my business, my abilities and what lies ahead for me. I feel energised, inspired, & motivated by all the possibilities that I am starting to turn into reality. Before speaking with Ruth I had started to really question whether continuing with the art side of my business was viable and whether I had sufficient talent to truly succeed.

Even after my introduction call with Ruth I had so much more clarity and felt really excited and inspired. I knew instantly that the decision to work with Ruth was an invaluable investment. It was the 1st step in taking myself and my business more seriously & committing to making it a success.

After each session since I have felt similarly inspired, reassured and have a clear set of tangible actions that I am excited to progress with. Ruth is professional, hugely knowledgable & inspiring, and perhaps most importantly for me she is incredibly warm and easy to relate to - probably because it was not so long ago that she was in a similar situation hence can really empathise! I love the fact that working with Ruth has equipped me with a mix of invaluable tools - everything from mindset approaches to the more practical aspects like setting up my website and Instagram account.

So thank you Ruth, and I feel excited about continuing  to work with you and seeing what the future holds for me and my business. It has been an investment I have hugely benefitted from and feel very happy to have decided upon. I can wholeheartedly recommend Ruth to other mums who are wanting to unlock their true potential and positively transform their attitude and business." 

Becca Wood, https://www.bloomillustrations.com


"When I first met Ruth, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had been going in circle, indecisive about my next career step, and had no idea how to move forward. After the initial call with Ruth, I was sold. I left the session feeling excited again about a future that I had felt stuck in for months, With Ruth's help, I had laid out 4 possible career directions I was keen to explore. After only two months working with Ruth, I have been able to rule out two out of four choices, and have decided to focus on setting up my own business. I have recenlty incorporated my own limited company, and I am making a fresh start for 2017!" Colombine Gardair, Consultant

Why should you choose to work with me?

1) I have built a successful coaching business and understand the challenges of working around your children (I earn more working 3 days a week than I did working 5 days)

2) I am now a multiple business owner and have recently launched a second business which already has clients

3) I build meaningful relationships with all my clients and genuinely want you to be a success

4) I will commit my full attention to you and helping you achieve your dreams

5) I have a holistic approach and draw on my background in Psychology, Education, Recruitment and Coaching

6) I get results - people who coach with me genuinely feel more confident and have started up and developed their own businesses, I am happy to share these results with you and put you in touch with my former clients

7) I value you - I have my discovery calls for me as well as I want to work with women who are committed to making a change, as long as you have that commitment we can get there

8) I will challenge and support you, I will provide you with the level of challenge that is right for you during each session, when things are difficult I am there to support you and help you pick yourself up and move forward

9) We will have fun, this is an exciting journey for you and I want you to be inspired and have fun along the way