Online Courses

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and distilled it into these online courses. You’re seeking a transformation in your work-life, and these courses can help you achieve exactly that. And because they are based online, you can access the material from anywhere in the world, any time of day or night, helping you to fit your studying around your existing commitments.

Do you really believe that you are going to be a success? 

Do you want to have more confidence? 

Do you want to know how successful business owners get ahead?

I have created this course for you. Mind-set is an important part of all of my coaching programs and is one of the key determinants of business success. 

I have heard so many clients tell me that they will start working on themselves when they have x amount of revenue or x amount of clients. 

You are your own biggest asset so start the work now, by investing in yourself every single day you are proving that you are worth it and that you deserve success. This will help you be a success. 

This 6 module course is packed full of activities to improve your confidence and empower you to make the changes that you want to your life.

  • Identify the beliefs that you hold about yourself and change negative and limiting beliefs so that you feel more confident
  • Create a positive mindset by creating your vision, using affirmations and journaling
  • Use techniques to model confident behaviours and appear more confident
  • Use goal setting to take you out of your comfort zone and make you feel empowered
  • Feel more positive by forming simple habits every day 
  • Create a morning routine that sets you up for a successful day 
  • Uncovering and changing your money mindset
  • Understanding the science behind mindset and how it works
  • How to link rewards and self care to your business plan 

This course is a must for anyone who doubts their abilities and strengths. 

I am a huge advocate of mindset, when I started really working on myself the rewards were huge and I have consistently outperformed my goals. I now understand that self care is crucial to your success. 

Do you want to start up your own business but are not sure where to start? 

Would you like a practical course that walks you through the key considerations? 

You might have already started setting up your business or you might be in the ideas stage. You want practical activities to take you through what to do so you feel more confident about your new business. 

I have designed this course for you by working with my clients who are mums – just like you developing their own service based business. I have recently revamped all of the units so they are even better and will help you open up your own business. 

Why am I such an expert in this field? Over 20 years ago I first started studying Business & Economics at school and then University. I spent 12 years teaching both subjects and training teachers in inner London Secondary schools (for the last 5 years working as an Assistant Head & Deputy HeadTeacher)

I also have practical experience. I started my business from scratch whilst pregnant, working full time and with a toddler and found out the hard way what works and what doesn’t.

I have spent over £20,000 building my business with various courses and business coaches as I know that by developing my self I am helping to ensure that my business is successful. 

This is my day job, I am a business coach helping mums set up their own successful businesses. Every day I work with clients on the first steps to get them started and have seen many of my clients open and grow their own successful businesses. 

You will learn
– how to create the right mindset for success
– how to differentiate your business from competitors
– how to write a clear and well researched business plan
– how to forecast your business profit and cash flow 
– how to identify your ideal client and create a clear marketing message  
– how to use social media to market your business
– how to create a clear action plan to get you up and running within the next 6 months (or sooner if you want!)

Every module includes video training, a workbook and presentation slides you can view at your own leisure.

You will get access to an exclusive Facebook group where you have 24/7 access to me to ask questions and support you.


Module 1:  Creating the right mindset for success – your vision, how to create a positive mindset, how to deal with setbacks, using affirmations, clarity over goals, setting milestones, networking and support 

Module 2: Clarity over your product or service – pricing, your USP, competitors, what problem you are solving and the solutions you offer 

Module 3: Getting to know your customers – identifying your ideal client, developing your knowledge of your ideal client, clarifying your marketing message, developing your marketing strategy 

Module 4: Creating a business plan – a step by step guide and template including financial forecasts and budgets 

Module 5: Marketing your business – using social media, blogging, your website, off line marketing 

Module 6: Committing to action – designing a six month action plan, your operations and processes, identifying key milestones, identifying practical steps 

You get an additional BONUS MODULE with Christian Kudzi, a Digital Marketing manager with 20 years experience which will focus on all elements of digital marketing including Facebook adverts, SEO and email marketing

You get a further BONUS checklist with all the basics for starting your own business 

You will have an exclusive facebook group where you can meet fellow course goers and have 24 hour access to me

You have the opportunity to upgrade to VIP which includes 6 one on one coaching sessions with me