Do you want to create a positive, success mindset in 2017?

This course has been designed for YOU to help you to create  a positive, success focused mindset in 2017

Throughout the 6 modules you will have practical activities and support which cover the key areas you need to consider when starting your own business 

You will develop your confidence and build a positive, can-do mindset to help you believe that you can be a success 

This course is a MUST HAVE for any mum who feels like she lacks confidence or struggles to find motivation. 

If you doubt that you can build the dream life you desire you will learn to get rid of this doubt and start believing in yourself 

Every module has a video, workbook and presentation element. 

Module 1: Your Beliefs, Goals and Vision 

Your fear of failure may well be holding you back. You worry that you are not good enough to make a success of your business or your career. In this module you will focus on your beliefs, goals and vision so you are clear where you are going and you believe you can get there. 

You will: 

  • Identify the beliefs that you hold about yourself
  • Change negative and limiting beliefs
  • Gain clarity over your goals and vision 
  • Build your confidence and self belief 


Module 2: Your Money Mindset 

In this module we focus on your mindset around money and how this influences the decisions you make and the way you behave 

You will 

  • Develop a clear knowledge of your money mindset 
  • Learn how to change the way you think about money 
  • Create a new mindset around money 


 Module 3:   Journalling and reflection          

In this module we focus on how to make journalling and reflection work for you and find out why they help to create a positive mindset

You wil

  • Learn the benefits of journalling 
  • Clarify what your affirmations are 
  • Develop your self awareness 
  • Build your positive mindset 


Module 4: Routines 

In this module you will focus on routines that can help you to create a positive mindset

You will:

  • Learn the benefits of routines 
  • Develop morning and evening routines 
  • Use your routines to be more productive 


Module 5: Thought control 

In this module you will focus on how to control negative thoughts and what to do about them 

You will:

  • Keep a thought diary 
  • Identify negative thoughts
  • Take action to eradicate negative thinking 
  • Develop a positive mental attitude 


Module 6: Rewards and self care 

In this module you will think about how rewards and self care link to your mindset 

You will:

  • Learn about how self care can improve your mindset 
  • Reflect on what you are currently doing and how you can improve
  • Take time to nuture yourself 

Bonus Checklist

When you sign up you receive a BONUS Checklist and VIDEO with 10 quick actions you can take to develop a positive mindset