FREE 5 Day Confidence Course

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Are you a mum who feels that she lacks confidence?

Sign up now for my free 5 Day Confidence Masterclass.

I am an accredited business and life coach who specialises in working with mums on confidence and career change (including supporting those starting up their own business).

I am also a mother of 2 girls under 2 and have created my ideal work / life balance through starting up my own business.

After suffering from a knock in confidence when I had my first daughter I held back from starting my own business. I spent a long time feeling that I wasn't good enough and am now  passionate about working with other mums in the same boat.

I felt as if I wasn’t good enough and didn’t have the right skills and qualifications (looking back I was crazy I had a MA in Psychology, completed numerous courses and lots of experience but our own perceptions about ourselves are often false).

It took me working with a coach (the irony) to build up my confidence to take the plunge and come out of my comfort zone. I am happy to report it worked for me and my business is up and running and successful.

I have put together a Free 5 day Confidence Course, when you sign up you will receive daily videos, PDF presentations and a workbook with practical activities for you to do. You can work on these at your own pace. 


creating a POSITIVE mindset 

You will learn how to create a positive mindset which will help you feel more confident. This includes:

- Identifying and changing the beliefs you hold about yourself 

- Committing to daily affirmations to reprogram your brain 

- Daily journalling to celebrate your success and develop your awareness of your strengths 



You will learn different techniques that you can start using to become more confident, including:

- Examining behaviours of people who you admire and modelling what they do to appear more confident 

- Using goals to inspire you and help you leave your comfort zone

- Daily life hacks to help you feel more confident