Investment Excludes VAT; Add 20% if based in UK

Including access to "The Hub" membership site for 3 months

This is for you - the service based online entrepreneur who is ready to build her own business and get paying clients. This program gives you everything you need to establish your business and get those all important clients!


The next group course will start in early 2018

Would you like to set up or grow your own online or service based business?

My group program is for the woman who wants to create or build a successful online or service-based business and wants to create consistent profits. We focus on your confidence and mindset alongside business strategy and practical steps and training.
You have ambitious plans and want practical support from experts to help you move forward. You will learn how to start, set up, run and scale an online business and the importance of creating a consistent brand for your ideal client.
Over the 3 month period you will develop the skills, confidence and resilience meaning that you can have the business and life of your dreams.

How would it feel to?

  • Get crystal clear on what you want your life to look like and be honest about your desires?
  • Be confident and believe in yourself?
  • Learn from professionals and experts to move your business to the next level?
  • Understand the steps that you need to take (and the order in which to take them)?
  • Spend more quality time with your kids?
  • Wake up energised and passionate about what you are doing?
  • Break down your fears and stop them from holding you back?
  • Attract your ideal clients with ease?
  • Understand your money mindset and what money blocks might be holding you back?
  • Learn how to create systems and support structures that work for you?
  • Have a supportive group of business besties?

This program is for you if you are ready to have your business up and running. Previous clients have left their jobs and got clients paying back their investment before the course is completed. You will learn everything you need to know about setting up an online business and understand the systems and structures you need to put in place so that you can focus on the activities that you enjoy. This is for you if you are a VA, personal trainer, consultant, graphic designer, coach, accountant, hypnobirthing instructor or want to start another online business.



Investment Excludes VAT; Add 20% if based in UK

I joined this programme to build on my business and get a clearer idea about which direction I wanted to go.
I have been able to dig deeper about the how best I can serve my clients and also manage my time more effectively. I am working on my website structure and leads with greater clarity and understanding.

I have loved the range of topics covered as they are all important in working together to create a strong business foundation.

Ruth is very down to earth and real and this allows you to open up to the work of being authentic which is crucial in your business development. She is a strong coach and the group calls are very beneficial in getting to core issues and accountability. The weekly modules are also well laid out and structured, making them easy to follow but also challenging, in the right way!

I believe this course has truly helped me run my business more efficiently so that I can serve my clients in the best way possible, so I would recommend this to anyone wanting to establish or build on their small business, as you will get results.

– Penelope Blissenden, Healer & Life Coach





Every week you get a 90 minute live coaching call with me. In these calls we will cover the key learnings from the modules and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and be coached by me.

Coaching ins transformational and will help move you and your business to the next level.

Can’t make the calls live – no problem! They are recorded and you will be sent the link to listen to them. You can also email me directly with your specific question.




This is just for the women in the group and it is a chance to ask any questions, celebrate success, create accountability and network. The social support aspect of this program will help you accelerate your success.




Every week you will receive a workbook and audio recording to work through at your own pace. These modules have been created alongside industry experts to provide you with everything that you need to get your business up and running.

WEEK 1: Your vision and goals
WEEK 2: Your mindset, beliefs and confidence
WEEK 3: Your money mindset
WEEK 4: Productivity, time management and success
WEEK 5: Your business idea / proposal
WEEK 6: Your ideal client + marketing strategy
WEEK 7: Your brand + website + extra special branding and web designer guest
WEEK 8: Your business model, business plan and key strategies
WEEK 9: Sales funnels and landing pages
WEEK 10: Facebook ads + digital marketing manager
WEEK 11: Social media marketing
WEEK 12: Email and content marketing
WEEK 13: Your action plan and next steps

EXPERT HELP:     Throughout the program I will be introducing you to other experts including a Marketing consultant, a web designer, a confidence coach, a digital marketing consultant and a graphic designer and branding expert – these people will be able to answer your specific questions and will save you time and money as they will help you to create your business.

ONE DAY TRAINING EVENT:     At the end of the program you get one full day training at a central London location with an evening celebratory reception, this will help you up level your business and your mindset.

I joined the programme to get a better understanding of launching a new business and making it successful. I have learnt a massive amount of practical things (I now know what a sales funnel is for example!) but what has really made the difference to me, has been the weekly group coaching calls.

Speaking every week has made me accountable and has definitely pushed things forward quicker than if I had been doing this alone. Taking the course has been such a positive experience for me, and I would encourage anyone who is setting up their own business, or who might be in the future, to take it – trust me – you won’t regret it. I have a background in TV production and am currently launching my new business as a TV and Media Coach; helping people navigate the freelance world, progress in their careers, and achieve a work/life balance in industries that are notoriously hard to do so.

– Louise Allmark-Kent, Media and TV Coach
This programme has converted me to coaching. When I first spoke with Ruth I was just starting to set up my business and was rather at sea, not really knowing what I needed to do. I was very sceptical and not at all convinced that coaching would help me. I came at it with an "it can't hurt to have a chat" mindset. So, we had the chat and within minutes I liked and trusted Ruth and was sure she and her programme could help! And I was right. I have gone from a theoretical business to one with clients. Ruth has helped me grow in self-belief and to navigate my way through a variety of blocks. She's asked pertinent - and often challenging - questions, made suggestions about what might help me find my way. I'm really not looking forward to the end of the programme as I have come to rely on Ruth and the lovely, safe and supportive community this programme has created.

Penny Baker, VA
I have been promising myself for years that I would quit the salaried day job and go it alone as a freelancer, but never had the confidence to take the plunge. I came across Ruth's 'Employer to Entrepreneur' programme via a local mums' Facebook group. It took one one-to-one discovery call with Ruth and two group coaching calls for my confidence to go through the roof, so much so that I handed my notice in. Now 9 weeks in to the programme and my business is really taking shape, thanks to the practical tools and coaching Ruth has given me, and I'm confident that I'll be able to hit the ground running once I come to the end of my notice period in my current job. My confidence in making this change has also inspired my partner to reevaluate his job and he is about to start a new job down on the Kent coast, so our little family will be moving down there as my new freelance career will allow me to work much more from home. This change is so important to me personally and professionally and I would not be where I now am without Ruth. It is literally life changing. Thank you Ruth!

Gemma Skyes, Consultant
The Group programme provided me with invaluable tools and techniques to enable me to embark on upscaling my existing consultancy practice. Ruth is unwavering in her support and belief in each individual participant and encourages ongoing self-reflection to challenge any negative mindsets that may hinder success in business. Ruth is warm and down to earth, supportive yet challenging when appropriate and happy to share her own experience and journey. The group network meant that we were able to learn from each other and share our experiences and challenges. The programme has enabled me to be accountable and take tangible steps on the journey to entrepreneurship and for that I am very grateful - Thank you Ruth! Nicola, Consultant
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