I am a certified Business and confidence coach and mum of two who works with mums who want to set up their own successful businesses that work around their families.

I have created a business from my passion, which gives me flexibility and time so I can do more of what I love – yoga, exercise, travelling and most importantly spending time with my kids. 

I believe that anything is possible and will work with you to develop your confidence so that you are ready to create the life that you desire. 

I will help you create a positive mindset, get clear on what you want, achieve your goals and understand the practicalities of starting up a business. 

I will help you to channel your passion into a business which you can monetise and which will work around your family. 

We will cut through the overwhelm and prioritise your actions so that you know what to do next and you have a clear strategy which will mean you are up and running and attracting clients. 

I took the leap from employee to entrepreneur and have never looked back. I now work less hours and earn more than I did in my previous career and I have helped lots of mums do exactly the same. 

What are you waiting for? 



What my clients are saying:

Working with Ruth has transformed how I feel about my business, my abilities and what lies ahead for me. I feel energised, inspired, & motivated by all the possibilities that I am starting to turn into reality. Ruth is professional, hugely knowledgable & inspiring, and perhaps most importantly for me she is incredibly warm and easy to relate to – probably because it was not so long ago that she was in a similar situation hence can really empathise! I love the fact that working with Ruth has equipped me with a mix of invaluable tools – everything from mindset approaches to the more practical aspects like setting up my website and Instagram account. I feel excited about continuing  to work with you and seeing what the future holds for me and my business. It has been an investment I have hugely benefitted from and feel very happy to have decided upon. I can wholeheartedly recommend Ruth to other mums who are wanting to unlock their true potential and positively transform their attitude and business.Becca Wood, Artist, https://www.bloomillustrations.com

“I can say hand on heart that working with Ruth has helped turned my hopes into reality. 
I have gone from feeling overwhelmed and held back by fear of failure to successfully starting my business, feeling confident and most importantly finding paying clients!

Julie Thompson, Julies Graphics




“There are no bones about it, Ruth is actually brilliant… At every turn, Ruth was not only there, guiding me back to the important points, creating plans, setting goals and giving me structure when I was creatively all over the place, but also offered support – emotionally and pragmatically.

Importantly, she has that skill that is very special; she’s able to draw out ideas where you thought that you were at the end of the road. You know that blank space we all enter as entrepreneurs, as business owners, when the fatigue sets in and the ideas start to run dry? That is the point that Ruth is at her best. Because she encourages you to look in 4d, in the box, outside of the box, (no-where near the box, maybe), to find the answer. She helps nurture your instinct, and your love for your business – and for me, gave me a whole new perspective on The Motherload, a renewed vigour for our community at exactly the point I needed it.”  Kate Dyson, CEO, The Motherload

Work with me

In my signature program I work with you one-on-one to help you transform your life and create your dream business. 

I work with mums who are clear about what they want to achieve but might not how they are going to do it.

I will help you to achieve this vision and will be there when you have wobbles to cheer you on and pick you up.

You will be committed to making a change and wanting to get your business up and running within the next few months. I can help you with the practical steps of getting started as well as your mindset and confidence. 

The journey might not always be smooth and you could be faced with many obstacles but I will help you tackle them and move forward.

As your accountability partner you will know you have someone on your side helping you build your business. 

I want you to feel inspired and excited about this journey and to truly create a business that works around you and your family. I have worked with over 50 mums who have done this and would love to work with you too. 

If you want to start living the life of your dreams which is balanced around your family book your FREE discovery call now. 


I’m a mum juggling work and family just like you. I left an established career in the education sector to create my own successful business, making use of my background in recruitment, psychology, career planning, personal development and business coaching. 


I specialise in working with mums who want to start up a new business. I have the skills and experience needed to coach you through this transformation. We work on practical steps alongside mindset and confidence so that you successfully achieve your goals. 

I’ve combined my skills in education, coaching and psychology to create these online courses. You’re seeking a transformation in your work-life, and these courses can help you achieve exactly that. The content is all online helping you to fit your studying around your existing commitments.


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