Online courses


Do you want to work at your own pace?

I have created online courses to support you to work at your own pace and develop your knowledge and skills to move your business to the next level. 

Ideal Client Course:

Are you struggling to attract your ideal clients? 

In this 3 modules course you will:

– Gain clarity on who you want to attract 

– Develop a clear value proposition and marketing message 

Start up Business Course

Are you wanting to start up your own service level business? 

This practical course will take you through all of the basics to get you started including:

– Developing a clear business plan 

– Identifying your ideal client 

– Understanding your finances 

– Creating a clear marketing strategy 

– Using digital marketing and social media to support your business 

Passive Income

Does the thought of making money when you sleep appeal?

I make £500-1500 a month in passive income from online courses & have partnered with my husband who is a digital marketing director to create this course for you.

You will:

– Understand how to create an online course that people want to buy

– Identify how to use affiliate marketing to build your business 

– Develop your understanding of how to use advertising on your blog or website

This is for you if you are looking to create additional income streams 

Teacher program

Are you sick of teaching and looking for your next option?

This 6 module course has been designed for you to:

– Get clear on your vision and goals 

– Develop your confidence 

– Build your productivity and time management skills 

– Identify your passions, skills and super strengths 

– Research alternative options 

– Write a skills based CV and your website 

– Develop a clear plan of action 

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