£2500 – 4 months of support

  • 12 x 45 min sessions 
  • weekly catch up phone call
  • email + what’s app dedicated contact
  • bespoke materials + resources 
  • DISC personality profile 
  • FREE access to my online courses (worth £398) 

Through coaching we focus on various areas including

Your vision:

– Gain clarity on what your life and business vision are

– Identify your core values and what drives you-

 Create a clear list of your goals and what you want to achieve

– Identify your limiting beliefs and change them so they stop holding you back

Your mindset:

– Create a positive mindset

– Develop your confidence through establishing new habits

– Identify and change negative thoughts

– Gain clarity on how you view money and challenge your limiting beliefs about money

Your business:

– Create a clear brand that is authentic and desirable

– Gain clarity on your ideal clients and who you want to work with

– Create a clear marketing strategy so you know how to target your ideal client

– Learn how to communicate a clear marketing message

– Understand how to use social media to grow your tribe and build an effective community

– Create a business plan so you know what you want to do

Your work / life balance:

– Create a balanced career and home life

– Establish balance in all areas of your life

– Develop routines that support you

– Use outsourcing to create more time

Coaching is bespoke to you and I work holistically to ensure that we focus on what is important to you. I use a combination of techniques which include mindset work, beliefs, values elicitation, DISC personality profiling, normative coaching models and more analytical and interpretative approaches.


  • 90 minute sessions 
  • 1/2 day sessions 
  • Full day sessions 
  • Monthly sessions 
  • bespoke materials + resources

Would you like to grow your business in 2017?

Would you benefit from support to help you develop a clear cohesive strategy for success?

Would you like to gain support to move towards your goals?

How would it feel to meet your financial targets?

How would it feel to have your ideal clients drawn to you?

I will work with you intensively to help you get the results you want. We will focus on securing a clear plan on how you can move forward before looking at the specific areas you want to focus on. 

As with my signature program we can work on mindset and I will provide resources for you.


 I offer a free initial session to all clients to ensure that there is a fit and that we can work successfully together and that you understand the commitment it will take. 


Payment is via Paypal, STRIPE OR DIRECTLY INTO MY BANK ACCOUNT. You can pay full fees upfront or I can offer payment plans on request (monthly). INSTALMENT PLANS WILL INCUR INTEREST.