Starting your own business online course

Do you want to start your own business in 2017?

This course has been designed for YOU to get you to start up your business 

You get access to an EXCLUSIVE facebook group full of other mums in the same position as you and unlimited email support from me 

Throughout the 6 modules you will have practical activities and support which cover the key areas you need to consider when starting your own business 

You will develop your confidence and build a positive, can-do mindset to help you believe that you can be a success 

This course is a MUST HAVE for any mum who is looking to start up her own business and wants some extra support and to keep motivated and on the right track.

Every module has a video, workbook and presentation element. 

Module 1: Your Mindset and Confidence

You might be anxious or worried about starting up your own business, you could fear failure or success or maybe you lack the confidence to really go for what you want. In this module the focus is developing your confidence and creating a positive mindset. You will develop strategies to make you believe that you can open a business and be a success. You 

You will

  • Learn how to create a positive mind-set 
  • Gain clarity over your goals and vision 
  • Identify your money mindset and understand how to change it 
  • Develop your self awareness 
  • Build your confidence and self belief 
  • Identify and change limiting beliefs you hold about yourself


Module 2: Your Product / Service

In this module we focus on your service or product and what you are offering your customers. You might be unclear about exactly what you are going to offer or you could be thinking about how you are going to stand out from the competition

You will 

  • Develop a clear idea of  your product or service 
  • Research your competitors to identify gaps in the market 
  • Learn how to create a USP 
  • Start thinking about your price 
  • Create an elevator pitch to sell your business 


 Module 3:   Your ideal client            

In this module we focus on your ideal client  and who you really want to work with. You might not be sure about how you want to work with or how you are going to market your message, this module will help you

You wil

  • Identify your ideal client
  • Research your ideal client 
  • Develop your knowledge of your ideal client
  • Clarify your market message
  • Develop your marketing strategy


Module 4: Business Plan 

In this module you will focus on creating a plan for your business, this is essential if you want to apply for finance for the business and the process helps build your confidence and identify any potential pitfalls with your business.

This module will bring everything together for you in one place and you will be able to use the business plan as a basis of your day to day activities 

You will:

  • Write a business plan
  • Create financial forecasts for your business
  • Develop your marketing strategy
  • Revisit your goals
  • Focus on all aspects of your business


Module 5: Marketing your business 

In this module you will focus on offline and online ways that you can market your business so that your ideal clients know about you and want to use you

You will:

  • Learn how to use social media to build a community (your tribe)
  • Develop your website 
  • Understand how you can use blogging and vlogging to build your profile 
  • Focus on marketing channels where your ideal clients “hang out”
  • Create a marketing plan 


Module 6: Practical steps

In this module you will create a 6 month action plan to get you started with your business

You will:

  • Write your 6 month action plan
  • Identify milestones and rewards
  • Complete a time audit
  • Revisit your goals and understand how to make them more achievable
  • Reflect on what has worked and what you need to change
  • Learn simple techniques to be more productive



Bonus Module: Digital Marketing (VALUE – £199)

You have access to an additional bonus module with Christian Kudzi, Digital Marketing Director. Christian has over 20 years experience in Marketing and Advertising.

You will

  • Learn how to test and develop your FaceBook advertising 
  • Understand how SEO works
  • Build google analytics into your website 
  • Create email marketing campaigns 

Exclusive FaceBook Community – 

When you sign up to the course you get access to an exclusive FaceBook community of mums (Startupmumbiz) with regular BONUS materials. Through this community you have UNLIMITED access to me. 

Bonus Checklist

When you sign up you receive a BONUS Checklist and VIDEO with all the steps you need to take when starting up your own business

What people are saying about this course:


Ruth’s courses are changing peoples lives. They are an eye opener”

— Loise Ngugi

I’m so glad I took Ruth’s course. I’m at the end of my first year, having created my family food recipe blog. I found that I was swamped with the work and admin, getting more and more unorganised, trying to juggle business with motherhood and then as a result feeling very frustrated and overwhelmed. I needed some direction and it was invaluable having Ruth provide a clear structure to follow. This support and guidance took out a lot of my anxiety away and I’m now more organised, and clear about how to structure my business. I’ve set big 3, 6 and 12 month goals and have started making pathways to achieve them. Ruth is such a calming influence and truly supportive. She’s very flexible and understanding being a mum in business herself. It was great being able to complete the course at my own pace.

— Becky Gilhespie EAT what we EAT