Success coaching for professional women who want to start up and develop their own businesses.

Hi there, I’m Ruth Kudzi.  I help motivated, determined women start up businesses that create freedom and financial security.  

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Are you looking to exit the employee lifestyle and build a business that allows you to live a well-balanced life?  

Have you had success in your career up to this point, and now you’re ready to be your own boss?

Does the thought of staying where you are now for another five years make you feel anxious enough that you’re ready to take serious action and forge a new path for yourself?

Do you question whether it would be reckless to walk away from your current career and start a new venture?  
Have you been second-guessing your dreams of running your own business, but that little voice inside still keeps pushing you to go for it?

Are you wondering if you’ve got the confidence needed to persevere in business?

Then you’re in the right place! I left a “secure” job to start my own business, and in six months, I was able to create consistent five-figure sales! I now work with clients I adore, and I set my own schedule (no more asking for days off work)!

As a certified Success Coach, I’m here to guide you through every step of the business-creation process:  from clarifying your idea, to growing an engaged group of followers (who will become your clients and raving fans), to mastering your mindset, to selling with ease!

ruth kudzi coaching, family, working from home, coaching for mums

And as we map out your path to business success, we’ll also be crafting a lifestyle that feels absolutely amazing to you!  No longer will you have to sacrifice your family life on the altar of your career.  You truly can have work that lights you up and relationships that are healthy and fulfilling - it just takes a thoughtfully curated and strategically executed plan to make that happen!  

Together, we’ll work at eliminating any beliefs that have been keeping you stuck.  You’ll develop a success-oriented mindset that’s unshakeable.  And the more you do this deep, inner work, the more you’ll see every area of your life improve.

A beautiful, sustainable business?  A positive mindset?  Plenty of time to enjoy friends and family? A bank account that makes you smile?

It’s all possible for you - and I can help you get it.