Success coaching for mums and confidence coaching for mums to empower you to build your dream business.


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It’s Time To Escape The Constraints Of Your Current Role, Finally Start & Grow Your Own Business, And Create More Freedom For You & Your Family!

…Even if you have no real idea how to bring your business dream into reality, you’re scared of leaving behind the security of your job, and you’re doubting whether it’s really possible!

I know that you want to have a better work/life balance, and you want to have more energy and be able to spend time doing what you love.

You want to be able to dictate your own working hours and spend quality time with your children, not just snatched moments.

But you’ve created your fair share of professional success so far, and you’ve got a good salary. Sometimes it feels like it would be reckless to walk away from that.

You don't really believe that you can have it all and you’re so scared of failure that you’re not taking the risk.

At the same time though, you don’t want things to stay the same…

Mounting pressure at work that you don’t have the desire to keep up with anymore.

Missing important milestones in your kids’ lives.

Coasting through, all in the name of doing what’s expected and paying the bills.

You’re stuck, and your lack of confidence is keeping you exactly where you are.

What you really want to do is run your own business… But you’re lacking the confidence to go out there and take those first steps.

The good news though is that I can help you…

I’ve set aside some time in my diary over the next few days to jump on the phone with you, and during that call, we’ll discuss how we might be able to work together to start and build your dream business, whilst creating more freedom and security for you and your family.

Even if you’re worried that you’ve already got too much on your plate. Even if you don’t know where to start with monetising your idea. And even if you’re crippled with doubts and worries about whether you can make this work!

Growing a successful business doesn’t have to take years and years, and you definitely don’t have to wait until your kids are at school, are more independent, or have even flown the nest before you get started. Previous clients have set up their businesses in a matter of weeks, though it’s all down to what works for you – we go at your pace, and you’ll be supported every step of the way.

Our work together goes beyond your career. I will help you develop your confidence and create a positive mindset, to help you feel like you again, and so that you know you can achieve what you want to achieve. We look at those nagging voices in your head which might be saying you aren’t good enough or that you will fail, and we squash them.

I will support you to develop your self-confidence so you believe that you can achieve your goals and have that dream business that you really want. You will find that all areas of your life will improve as you gain self-awareness, build your confidence and develop a positive, success-orientated mindset.

This is what I want you to do next…

Click the button below, and book a slot in my diary for when it’s convenient for you to talk. Your call with me will last approximately 30 minutes, and you’ll leave with the clarity that comes with knowing exactly what to do next.


Why should you choose to work with me?

1) I’ve built a successful coaching business, and understand the challenges of working around your children (In fact, I first started coaching when I was on maternity leave for my second child… Some people surely thought I was crazy, but I’ve never looked back!)

2) I now earn more working just 3 days a week, than I did working full time as a deputy headteacher. For us mums, freedom is the driving factor. We want to be there for our babies. But the reality is that we still need to provide for our families – I’m living proof that this balance can exist.

3) I’m now a multiple business owner, and I’ve recently launched a second business, which already has clients coming through the doors. So whilst I love working with women who want to be coaches, I’ve got practical experience that can help you to build a beautiful business in almost any field.

4) I build meaningful relationships with everyone who I work with, and my main objective is that you succeed. I’ll always commit my full attention to you and helping you achieve your dreams.

5) I have a holistic approach and draw on my background in psychology, education, recruitment, and coaching.

6) I get results - people who coach with me genuinely feel more confident, and have started up and developed their own businesses. I’m happy to share these results with you and put you in touch with my former clients if you want to dive a little deeper. I know this process can be daunting, and I want you to know that you’re making the best possible decision!

7) My discovery calls are as much for me as they are for you. I’m passionate about working with women who are committed to making a change, so they need to have that desire to go ‘all in’ before we can get started. I’m super serious about my client success rate, so I never take on a client who I don’t absolutely know can achieve big things.

8) I’ll challenge and support you, because to move forward, you need both. I will provide you with the level of challenge that is right for you during each session, and when things are difficult, I am there to support you and help you pick yourself up and move forward.

9) We’ll have fun! Yes, business is serious, and I know how important your career and your family’s future are. But this is an exciting journey for you, and I make sure that you’re inspired and energised along the way.

Click the button below to book your free discovery call, and find out more about working together.

ruth kudzi coaching, family, working from home, coaching for mums

Signature Program.

12 x 45 min sessions
fortnightly catch up phone call
email dedicated contact
bespoke materials + resources
DISC personality profile
FREE access to my online courses (worth £398) 
Through coaching we focus on various areas including

Your Vision:

Gain clarity on what your life and business vision are
Identify your core values and what drives you
Create a clear list of your goals and what you want to achieve
Identify your limiting beliefs and change them so they stop holding you back

Your Mindset:

Create a positive mindset
Develop your confidence through establishing new habits
Identify and change negative thoughts
Gain clarity and challenge your limiting beliefs about money

Your Business:

Create a clear brand that is authentic and desirable
Gain clarity on your ideal clients and who you want to work with
Create a clear marketing strategy so you know how to target your ideal client
Use social media to grow your tribe and build an effective community

Your Work / Life Balance:

Create a balanced career and home life
Establish balance in all areas of your life
Develop routines that support you
Use outsourcing to create more time

Coaching is bespoke to you and I work holistically to ensure that we focus on what is important to you. I use a combination of techniques which include mindset work, beliefs, values elicitation, DISC personality profiling, normative coaching models and more analytical and interpretative approaches.


Payment Plans Available on request


Existing Business Program.

Bespoke Packages to Include :

90 minute sessions
1/2 day sessions
Full day sessions
Monthly sessions
bespoke materials + resources

Would you like to grow your business in 2017?

Would you benefit from support to help you develop a clear cohesive strategy for success?

Would you like to gain support to move towards your goals?

How would it feel to meet your financial targets?

How would it feel to have your ideal clients drawn to you?

I will work with you intensively to help you get the results you want. We will focus on securing a clear plan on how you can move forward before looking at the specific areas you want to focus on. 

As with my signature program we can work on mindset and I will provide resources for you.



Would you like to set up your own service based business? 

Do you have an existing business but you aren't attracting the level of sales that you want?

If you are a VA, a personal trainer, a coach, a trainer, a photographer, a graphic designer, an accountant, a hypnobirthing instructor, a doula or a consultant this is the program for you.


Every week you get a 90 minute live coaching call with me. In these calls we will cover the key learnings from the modules and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and be coached by me.

Can't make the calls live - no problem! They are recorded and you will be sent the link to listen to them. You can also email me directly with your specific question. 

EXClusive facebook group

This is just for the women in the group and it is a chance to ask any questions, celebrate success, create accountability and network. The social support aspect of this program will help you accelerate your success. 


WEEK 1: Your vision and goals

WEEK 2: Your mindset, beliefs and confidence

WEEK 3: Your money mindset 

WEEK 4: Productivity, time management and success

WEEK 5: Your business idea / proposal 

WEEK 6: Your ideal client  + marketing expert 

WEEK 7: Your brand + branding expert 

WEEK 8: Your website + extra special web-designer guest

WEEK 9: Sales funnel and landing pages 

WEEK 10: Facebook ads + digital marketing manager 

WEEK 11: Social media marketing + social media manager

WEEK 12: Email and content marketing 

WEEK 13: Your action plan and next steps


EXPERT HELP         Throughout the program I will be introducing you to other experts including a Marketing consultant, a web designer and a social media consultant - these people will be able to answer your specific questions 


ONE DAY TRAINING EVENT At the end of the program you get one full day training at a central London location with an evening celebratory reception 



Group Coaching early bird deal 4 v2.png


1) 2 additional group coaching calls (value £250)

2) Access to ideal client course (value £57)

3) Skills audit workbook (value £50)



PAYMENT £750 or £275 per month for 3 months