I don’t need to work on me, I need to develop my business

June 16, 2017

A few months ago I had a call with a potential client and I was very honest with her. I said that for most of the people I worked with it wasn’t so much about strategy it was more about them and self-development and mindset. 

She balked at this and said that she wanted someone to help her with strategy, our 30 minute phone call went over the allocated time and she became a client although she told me in no uncertain times she didn’t need any of the mindset work as she could do that all herself.

Guess what, we have spent more time working on her mindset than her strategy. Because everything comes from you and this has been entirely at her request. 

I have found that over the last 6 years the more senior the person I have coached the more that we have worked on them and their mindset.

I am not saying that strategy isn’t important and we all need to develop our businesses and attract consistent customers to move forward but this is often the easy part. You could read business books or courses and do this on your own pretty easily. It is great to bounce ideas off people and to get clarity over what you need to do and where you need to go. But, it always comes back to you.

Working on yourself is as important as business development especially if you have a service based business. 

How many of us have said “I will work on myself when?” or “I will take care of myself when…”

Having a business can be all consuming and it can seem like the only way to push forward is to do more. To work all the hours you can and to stop taking breaks because you can push out that extra blog, or email or squeeze in an extra client.

I know this because I have been there and I have worked with so many clients who have pushed themselves too far. They were living on adrenaline and caffeine and it all got too much so they crashed, their bodies (and minds) just couldn’t sustain the relentless effort.

When I have seen clients make real breakthroughs it has always been when we have gone deeper, when we have explored what is stopping them take action or spent time evaluating what they really want. When we have explored feelings and beliefs and been able to make progress.

It can feel so pressurised now that taking this time (especially as a parent) for yourself feels indulgent especially when you have a business to run BUT this will help you with your business and will help you be happier. 

Coaching is truly transformational when it deals with the person and how they turn up at the business, how they show up and what they do. To have the impact it has to work on you as a person as well as your strategy and your operations. This is the best way to build a successful business and it is the secret that many entrepreneurs say time and time again “spend time every day working on yourself”..


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