Hi, I'm Ruth Kudzi

I am a Certified Business & Success Coach
Empowering Professional Women To Build
Successful Businesses



My Mission

…is to help women just like you create a successful business so you can have freedom, flexibility and financial security.

I remember growing up I always thought that success and happiness equated to a secure professional career.

I had my first business at 15 and dabbled in different things over the years but I had a view that these would always be the “side-hustle” rather than the career.

I went to a “good” university and after some travelling I started climbing the ladder – first in recruitment, moving to New York to set up a new office and then doing the same thing in Europe and later in education quickly progressing to a senior leadership role.

To the outside world I had a pretty enviable life – my own flat, a good job and a busy social life.

But, I wasn’t fulfilled. I used to dread Monday mornings and I used to count down the days (and hours) to my next holiday. I felt I was living a lie but I didn’t know what else I could do.

So I stayed.

For me, having kids was the wakeup call I needed. I had been sleep walking through my life and going through the motions as I was still trying to fit into someone else’s agenda.

But you don’t have to!

I’ve created a business from my passion, which gives me flexibility and time so I can do more of what I love.

I help other women like you to create a positive mindset, get clear on what they really want, and understand all of the practicalities of starting a successful business.

We take your wild and untamed ideas, and form them into something concrete that you can monetise quickly, and that allows you to spend your time how you want.

And then, we cut through all of the overwhelm and prioritise your actions so you know exactly what you need to do next – so you’ll waste no time chasing your tail and second guessing yourself, and you’ll already be up and running and attracting clients.

I can’t promise you that it’s going to be all plain sailing… But I can promise you that if you’re feeling unfilled and bored, and your business dream is burning inside of you, then it absolutely will be worth it.

I took the leap from employee to entrepreneur and have never looked back. I now work less hours and have more precious time with my family plus earn more than I did in my previous career, and I have helped many women to do exactly the same.

When I worked with a high level Business coach I was able to put all the structures and systems in place I needed to build my business and skyrocket my success. It meant I could leave my old career and I haven’t looked back.

So what are you waiting for?

Do you you want to create your dream business that gives you flexibility and financial security?

Are you clear on what you want to achieve in broad terms, but have no real idea about how to make it all happen?

If so, my one-to-one program is your solution.

I work with women who are committed and ready to step into their business vision, even if they have a few wobbles along the way. Because believe me – there absolutely will be wobbles! Regardless of the success that you’ve created so far in your career, entrepreneurship is a whole different kettle of fish. You need guidance and support and practical advice, and that’s exactly what you get from me.

I ensure that you have a solid strategy that will get you to where you want to go.

I cheer you on.

I keep you accountable.

I’m by your side.

I give you exactly what you need to have your business up and running within the next few months – from the step-by-steps of getting started, to building your mindset and confidence.

I want you to feel inspired and excited about this journey and to create a business that works on your terms.

I have worked with over 100 private coaching clients who have done this, and I’d love us to have a chat about whether we’d be a good fit for working together too.

  • “I joined the programme to get a better understanding of launching a new business and making it successful. I have learnt a massive amount of practical things (I now know what a sales funnel is for example!) but what has really made the difference to me, has been the weekly group coaching calls.

    Speaking every week has made me accountable and has definitely pushed things forward quicker than if I had been doing this alone. Taking the course has been such a positive experience for me, and I would encourage anyone who is setting up their own business, or who might be in the future, to take it – trust me – you won’t regret it. I have a background in TV production and am currently launching my new business as a TV and Media Coach; helping people navigate the freelance world, progress in their careers, and achieve a work/life balance in industries that are notoriously hard to do so.”

  • “I can say hand on heart that working with Ruth has helped turned my hopes into reality.  I am launching a freelance graphic design, illustration and production business. Since working with Ruth I have gone from feeling overwhelmed and held back by fear of failure to successfully starting my business, feeling confident and most importantly finding paying clients! She has helped me; Recognize and resolve my irrational fears, Create a positive mindset, Find hidden depths of self-belief, Get organized and accountable, Structure my business plan, Plan my marketing and social media campaign and much more. We have regular phone meetings that really help me structure my plans for successfully achieving my business milestones and maintaining positive mindset.”

  • “I can warmly recommend Ruth’s coaching sessions to any start-up business owners, as well as to more established leaders. Her approach is friendly, encouraging and stimulating. Ruth is particularly skilled in targeting the core of any issues preventing a business from blooming. She will guide you to analyse, reflect and find strategies of your own. What’s even more valuable, you will learn how to do this by yourself and become independent in your journey. Sense of achievement is probably the greatest reward for a business owner and an ideal basis to keep progressing. I believe Ruth’s coaching is a gateway to achievement and progress.”

  • ““Ruth has really helped me crystallise why I started my business, something that’s pretty crucial right now as I am at the stage where the euphoria of setting up on my own has subsided and reality is starting to set in. She has also helped me structure and focus my decisionmaking, which has undoubtedly contributed to an increase in my client base. She has definitely been a worthwhile investment. I am looking forward to my further sessions with Ruth and using her support and guidance to help continue to grow my business.” ”


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